Operate proactively in managing margins and returns.

Would you like your organisation to be flexible and competitive? If so, making the best possible use of your personnel is absolutely crucial. In supplementing your workforce with excellent temporary personnel, you are not only making your organisation decisive but you can also operate proactively in managing margins and returns. This will also enable you to respond quickly to the demands of your customer.

GATE Europe will support you in the recruiting, selection and hiring of maintenance professionals. These professionals have years of experience and can quickly assist your permanent team in many positions in the following areas such as:

•    Management
•    Maintenance planners
•    Quality assurance supervisors and inspectors
•    EASA part 66 A/B1/B2/C certified service technicians for all types of aircraft
•    Mechanical technicians
•    Electrical technicians
•    Composite technicians
•    Structure technicians
•    Cabin technicians and upholsterers
•    Painters
•    Sheet metal workers

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